Literacy Teaching Toolkit—Teaching-learning cycle: Reading and writing connections

This webpage forms part of a range of useful teaching resources developed by the Victorian Department of Education and Training. Here, the teaching-learning cycle is explained and linked to further resources especially development for English language learners in Australian schools. Throughout the toolkit, you will find videos and examples of relevant classroom practice.

Primary English teaching Association Australia (PETAA)

This website contains a host of resources to support the teaching of English curriculum in Australian schools. PETAA is a professional association with a long history of providing quality materials that include publications in print and digital format, professional learning courses, webinars, and links to useful resources. Many of these feature the teaching and learning cycle described in this chapter. While membership of the association is encouraged, many of the resources are freely available to all including the Literacy Resources Portal for Early Career Teachers.

David Rose—Reading to learn

David Rose explains the Reading to learn methodology, a further development of the language and learning theory underpinning the teaching-learning cycle explained in this chapter. This approach has had considerable success in many educational settings around the world. The website also provides a host of readings, teaching resources and videos that will support teachers to further develop their understandings and skills with respect to scaffolding literacy programs.

Joanne Rossbridge—Jointly constructing a text in class

This video captures the joint construction stage of the teaching and learning cycle with Joanne and an upper primary class. As she jointly constructs an historical recount with the students, Joanne is working on concepts such as point of view and characterisation in the context of the History curriculum.

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