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. According to your textbook, a functional approach to language is concerned with:

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. The broad context in which we use language for purposes such as arguing, explaining, describing etc. is most appropriately described in functional language theory as:

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. The terms genre and text type when used in literacy teaching and learning usually refer to:

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. The specific situation in which an instance of language occurs is referred to as:

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. The social activity, subject matter or topic under focus in a particular situation of language use is referred to as:

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. Read Text A, a dialogue between two people playing the card game 500.


Speaker 1: First organize your hand into suits—from highest card to lowest.

Speaker 2: Are all suits the same?

Speaker 1: Um no, hearts are highest, then diamonds and spades are lowest

Speaker 2: Oh, and jokers are high?

Speaker 1: Yes, the player on the dealer's right goes first—okay?

The tenor of this text can be described as:

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. Read Text B, instructions from a website of card games from around the world.

Text B

Five Hundred: Players and Cards

There are four players, with partners sitting opposite. A pack of 43 cards is used, consisting of

• A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 in the red suits;

• A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 in the black suits;

• one joker, also called the bird, because in the Australian 500 pack it depicts a Kookaburra instead of a Jester.

When there is a trump suit, the highest trump is the joker, followed by the jack of the trump suit (right bower), the other jack of the same colour (left bower), then Ace, King, Queen, 10, 9, etc. down to 5 or 4. For purposes of following suit, etc, the joker and left bower behave in all respects as members of the trump suit. The other three suits rank in the usual order from ace (highest) down to 5 or 4, but the suit which is the same colour as trumps has no jack.
(Source: https: www.pagat.com euchre 500.html

Texts A and B are extracts from larger texts. The purpose of these extracts is similar, that is, to:

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. Texts A and B differ most obviously in:

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. According to this textbook, which of the following statements best describes why stages and phases of texts are useful for teachers?

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. Read the following extract from the beginning of a student text:
Sharks should definitely be protected. Sharks need to be protected because they play a huge roll in our eco system without them our planet could potentially be in danger. Stop over fishing, do not let sharks disappear and our planet will be safe…

Which of the following best describes the text in terms of the genre and register variables?

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