Links to databases

Macrodata (national accounts, sectoral data, monetary and financial statistics, international trade, government accounts)

Eurostat (macroeconomic, sectoral, and government data)

European Commission: AMECO

European Commission: quarterly economic forecasts

Bank for International Settlements (financial and banking data)

OECD (macroeconomic, sectoral data)

ECB (monetary, financial, and macroeconomic data)

IMF (financial and macroeconomic data)

IMF (international trade data)

World Bank (development and macroeconomic data)

UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Microdata (data on individual households, workers, companies, students, etc.)

European Union (labour force data)

European Union (SILC)

European Union (earnings data)

European Investment Bank (survey on investments)

World Bank

In addition to data provided by international organizations, there are plenty of national data sources provided by national governments, national statistical offices, national central banks, etc.).

Here are a number of important data sources from national central banks:


Bank of England

US Federal Reserve

Banque de France

Banca d’Italia

Banco de España

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