Introduction and fundamental themes
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Hello. I'm Paul Davis. I'm the author of JC Smith's the Law of Contract, I thought it was worth  just saying a little bit about the book. Which does take quite a black letter law approach to contract law. So, I think the focus is very much on the cases and statute provisions, the legislation involved. And, I think this is useful no matter what sort of approach you're taking to your studies and what sort of approach your lecturers are taking as well. Because I think before you can criticize the law, from any sort of perspective, whether that's a feminist perspective, a socio-legal sort of perspective, you need to have a sound understanding of what the positive law is. You need to know what contract law actually is in order to engage with it and to criticise it properly. So, there is a focus on what the judges say. And the focus is very much on the leading cases, rather than giving you lots of minor cases and lots and lots of examples to illustrate the same point. The focus is on the leading cases and the leading principles. And as you go through your reading, I'd encourage you to test yourself with the multiple-choice questions available, as you go through each section of the book. As well as the somewhat longer and more involved questions at the end of each chapter. And, as each book goes through its new edition, as we add to these online resources, you can see that my ideas and the presentation of the ideas continues to evolve,so please do send your feedback as you go. We can hopefully continue to improve JC Smith's the Law of Contract.

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