Criminal Procedure Rules:

Criminal Procedure Rules

Criminal Procedure Rules forms
Criminal Procedure Rules: Forms - GOV.UK (

Criminal Practice Direction
SI/SR Template (

Criminal Procedure Rules - What's New-Announcements


Guidance on the Interests of Justice Test (pdf)

Guidance on Means Testing

The Criminal Legal Aid Manual (pdf)
Criminal Legal Aid Manual - GOV.UK (

Criminal Defence Service Forms (including most up to date versions of CRM 14 and CCR 15)

Online Calculator (scroll down the page to find the calculator)

Legal Aid e-forms

Information about the Legal Aid Agency

Costs in Criminal Proceedings Practice Direction

Guidelines and codes of practice:

SRA Standards and Regulations

PACE Codes of Practice A-H

CPS Code for Crown Prosecutors 2018

Crown Prosecution Service - Prosecution Guidance (note the CPS website contains a wealth of information) Prosecution guidance | The Crown Prosecution Service (

CPS National Protocols

The DPP's Guidance on Charging 6th edition
Charging (The Director's Guidance) - sixth edition, December 2020 | The Crown Prosecution Service (

CPS Victims and Witnesses
Victims & witnesses | The Crown Prosecution Service (

Cautioning and Diversion

Simple Caution of Adult Offenders – MoJ Guidance
Simple cautions: guidance for police and prosecutors - GOV.UK (

Code For Adult Cautioning
Code of practice for adult conditional cautions: part 3 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 (

CPS-Cautioning and Diversion
Cautioning and Diversion | The Crown Prosecution Service (

The Director's Guidance on Conditional Cautioning
Cautioning and Diversion | The Crown Prosecution Service (


Crown Prosecution Service - Disclosure Manual
Disclosure Manual | The Crown Prosecution Service (

Streamlined Summary Disclosure

Attorney General's Guidelines on Disclosure 2022
Attorney General’s Guidelines on Disclosure - GOV.UK (

Criminal Investigations and Procedure Act 1996: Disclosure Code of Practice
Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996 (section 23(1)) Code of Practice - GOV.UK (

Attorney General’s guidance on the acceptance of pleas and the prosecutor’s role in the sentencing exercise (2012)

CPS: Guidance on offences taken into consideration

Essential Case Management: Applying the Criminal Procedure Rules

Crown Court Compendium Part 1: Jury and Trial Management
Crown Court Compendium | Courts and Tribunals Judiciary

Crown Court Compendium) Part 2: Sentencing
Crown Court Compendium | Courts and Tribunals Judiciary

The Victims' Code
The Code of Practice for Victims of Crime in England and Wales and supporting public information materials - GOV.UK (

Victims’ Commissioner
Home - Victims Commissioner

Achieving the Best Evidence in Criminal Proceedings
Achieving best evidence in criminal proceedings - GOV.UK (

Law Reports:

Supreme Court Judgments

House of Lords judgments (Archive)

European Court of Human Rights judgments

Westlaw (judgments database) - subscription site; most academic institutions permit students free access

Lawtel (legal database) - subscription site; most academic institutions permit students free access

British and Irish Legal Information Institute
British and Irish Legal Information Institute (


UK Legislation general search

UK Statutory Instruments

Public Bills before Parliament

Important criminal justice organisations:

Crown Prosecution Service

Legal Aid Agency

Public Defender Service

The Judiciary of England and Wales (incorporating the Judicial Studies Board)

Home Office

Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Justice - GOV.UK (

Her Majesty's Court Service

Law Society

Law Society Practice Notes:

Note: To access our practice notes you will need a My LS account. Registration is free and only takes a couple of minutes.

The list includes:

Criminal Procedure Rules 2020
Criminal Procedure Rules 2020: solicitors' duties | The Law Society

Virtual Courts

Defence Cost Orders

Defence witness notices

Withdrawing from a criminal case

Solicitors Regulation Authority

Crime Line - low rate subscription web site - incredibly useful site, especially if you need to keep up to date on a regular basis

Criminal Cases Review Commission

Guidance on the Police Station Accreditation Scheme

Sentencing and Sentencing Guidelines Council:

The Sentencing Council for England and Wales


Magistrates Court Sentencing Guidelines

Crown Court Guidelines
Search Results for “” – Sentencing (

Allocation Guideline 2015

SC's final guidelines on seriousness and overarching principles

Imposition of a community sentence or custody
Imposition of community and custodial sentences – Sentencing (

Overarching Principles: Domestic Abuse
Overarching principles: domestic abuse – Sentencing (

Sentencing Council’s definitive guidelines for reduction in sentence for a guilty plea

Sentencing offenders with mental disorders
Sentencing offenders with mental disorders, developmental disorders, or neurological impairments – Sentencing (

Taking Offences into Consideration

Totality Guidance
Overarching principles: domestic abuse – Sentencing (

Youth Justice:

The Youth Justice Board

Youth Justice Board Resource Hub
Home - Youth Justice Resource Hub (

Youth Cautions

Youth Conditional Cautions-Code of Practice
Code of practice for youth conditional cautions - GOV.UK (

CPS Youth Offenders (includes youth caution and youth conditional caution)
Youth Offenders | The Crown Prosecution Service (

DPPs’ Guidance on Youth Conditional Cautions
Conditional Cautioning: Youths – DPP Guidance | The Crown Prosecution Service (

CPS Guidance on minor offences in relation to youths
Minor Offences | The Crown Prosecution Service (

Guidance on Referral Orders

Guidance for Appropriate Adults

National Standards for Appropriate Adult
Standards (

Sentencing Council’s Definitive Guideline on Sentencing Children and Young People
Sentencing Children and Young People – Sentencing (

Youths in the Crown Court Bench Book
Youth Defendants in the Crown Court (March 2021) (

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