Case Study Documentation: Case Study 4: Regina v Roger Martin

An Illustration of Sentencing Practice before a Magistrates’ Court (including road traffic sentencing)

The following documentation is what you would expect to find on the file of the solicitor dealing with the case.

You can view and download the documents individually or you can download all documentation as a ZIP file using the link below:

All documentation for this case

  • Index (PDF, Size: 664KB)

  • Document 1 (PDF, Size: 638KB)

    Initial Statement of Roger Martin

  • Document 2 (PDF, Size: 243KB)

    File Note Based on Initial Interview with Client

  • Document 3 (PDF, Size: 553KB)

    Client Details Form, CRM 1

  • Document 4 (PDF, Size: 373KB)

    Letter to Magistrates' Court

  • Document 5a (PDF, Size: 1MB)

    Application for Legal Aid in Criminal Proceedings (Form CRM 14)

  • Document 5b (PDF, Size: 2.9MB)

    Financial Statement for Legal Aid in Criminal Proceedings (Form CRM 15)

  • Document 6 (PDF, Size: 507KB)

    Letter to CPS Requesting Advance Information

  • Document 7 (PDF, Size: 636KB)

    Client Care Letter

  • Document 8 (PDF, Size: 435KB)

    Letter from CPS Dealing with Advance Information

  • Document 9 (PDF, Size: 2MB)

    Advance Information

  • Document 10 (PDF, Size: 247KB)

    File Note of Interview Reviewing Advance Information with Client

  • Document 11 (PDF, Size: 406KB)

    Letter to CPS Asking for Charge to be Reviewed

  • Document 12 (PDF, Size: 318KB)

    File Note of Initial Appearance Before Magistrates' Court

  • Document 13 (PDF, Size: 897KB)

    Pre-Sentence Report

  • Document 14 (PDF, Size: 150KB)

    File Note Based on Telephone Attendances

  • Document 15 (PDF, Size: 366KB)

    Letter from GP

  • Document 16 (PDF, Size: 339KB)

    File Note of Third Appearance Before Magistrates' Court (Sentencing Hearing)

  • Document 17 (PDF, Size: 1.4MB)

    Transcript of Plea in Mitigation

  • Document 18 (PDF, Size: 314KB)

    Letter to Client

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