Case Study Documentation: Case Study 5: Regina v Nicholas Jones

Case Study 5: Regina v Nicholas Jones

Regina v Nicholas Jones Case Study

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All documentation for this case study

  • Index (PDF, Size: 273KB)

  • Intro (PDF, Size: 147KB)

  • Tutor Notes (PDF, Size: 252KB)

  • Document 1 (PDF, Size: 645KB)

    Defendant's proof of evidence

  • Document 2 (PDF, Size: 167KB)

    Draft indictment

  • Document 3 (PDF, Size: 384KB)

    Witness Statement of Injured Party - Oliver Davies

  • Document 4 (PDF, Size: 396KB)

    Witness Statement of David Carter

  • Document 5 (PDF, Size: 370KB)

    Witness Statement of Louise Pike

  • Document 6 (PDF, Size: 396KB)

    Witness Statement of Judy Dwyer

  • Document 7 (PDF, Size: 1.4MB)

    Witness Statements of Investigating Officers plus Transcripts of Interview

  • Document 8 (PDF, Size: 1.6MB)

    Witness Statements Relating to Forensic Evidence and Crime Scene Collection

  • Document 9 (PDF, Size: 405KB)

    Defence's Comments on Prosecution Evidence

  • Document 10 (PDF, Size: 271KB)

    Defence Statement

  • Document 11 (PDF, Size: 152KB)

    Unused Material Comprising Witness Statement of John Draper

  • Document 12 (PDF, Size: 172KB)

    Defendant's Previous Convictions

  • Document 13 (PDF, Size: 171KB)

    Previous Convictions of Oliver Davies

  • Document 14 (PDF, Size: 169KB)

    Previous Convictions of David Carter

  • Document 15 (PDF, Size: 726KB)

    Application to Admit Defendant Bad Character

  • Document 16 (PDF, Size: 608KB)

    Notice of Opposition to the Admission of Defendant Bad Character

  • Document 17 (PDF, Size: 875KB)

    Application to Admit Non-Defendant Bad Character

  • Document 18 (PDF, Size: 729KB)

    Notice Opposing the Admission of Non-Defendant Bad Character

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