Case Study 2: Regina v William Hardy

An Illustration of Sentencing Practice before the Crown Court

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All documentation for this case

  • Index (PDF, Size: 300KB)


  • Document 1 (PDF, Size: 62.3KB)

    Initial Statement of William Hardy

  • Document 2 (PDF, Size: 15.4KB)

    File Note Based on Police Station Attendance

  • Document 3 (PDF, Size: 14KB)

    File Note Based on Initial Attendance in the Office

  • Document 4 (PDF, Size: 551KB)

    Legal Aid Form CRM 1

  • Document 5 (PDF, Size: 236KB)

    Letter to CPS Requesting Advance Information

  • Document 6 (PDF, Size: 118KB)

    Letter to Magistrates' Court Re: Funding

  • Document 7 (PDF, Size: 1.5MB)

    CRM14 - Application for Legal Aid in Criminal Proceedings

  • Document 8 (PDF, Size: 146KB)

    Client Care Letter

  • Document 9 (PDF, Size: 13.5KB)

    File Note Relating to Initial Appearance Before Lyme Magistrates' Court

  • Document 10 (PDF, Size: 299KB)

    Representation Order

  • Document 11 (PDF, Size: 440KB)

    Letter from CPS Dealing with Service of Evidence

  • Document 12a (PDF, Size: 260KB)

    Case Sent Bundle Including Witness Evidence and Draft Indictment

  • Document 13a (PDF, Size: 390KB)

    CPS Letter Dealing with Initial Disclosure under CPIA 1996

  • Document 13b (PDF, Size: 149KB)

    CPIA 1996-Non-Sensitive Schedule

  • Document 14 (PDF, Size: 117KB)

    File Note of Interview Reviewing the Evidence with Client

  • Document 15 (PDF, Size: 215KB)

    Letter to CPS as Regards Plea

  • Document 16 (PDF, Size: 196KB)

    Specimen Letter from CPS Confirming Basis of Plea

  • Document 17 (PDF, Size: 111KB)

    Agreed Basis of Plea

  • Document 18 (PDF, Size: 14KB)

    File Note of Second Appearance Before Crown Court

  • Document 19 (PDF, Size: 185KB)

    Contribution Notice

  • Document 20 (PDF, Size: 15KB)

    Statement of Character Witness - 1

  • Document 21 (PDF, Size: 15KB)

    Statement of Character Witness - 2

  • Document 22 (PDF, Size: 145KB)

    Pre-Sentence Report

  • Document 23 (PDF, Size: 392KB)

    Brief to Counsel to Attend Sentencing Hearing

  • Document 24 (PDF, Size: 16KB)

    Record of Attendance at Final Sentencing Hearing

  • Document 25 (PDF, Size: 138KB)

    Transcript of Prosecution Outline and Defence Plea in Mitigation

  • Document 26 (PDF, Size: 20KB)

    Letter to Client Reviewing Outcome

  • Document 27 (PDF, Size: 109KB)

    Blank Application of Notice to Seek Leave of the Court of Appeal against Sentence

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