Case Study 1: Regina v Lenny Wise

An Illustration of Mode of Trial Proceedings and Contested Bail Before Magistrates

Please note that the Legal Aid Agency forms within the case studies are provided under Crown Copyright [April 2013]. These forms are current at the date the book is published but the forms will be updated from time to time by the Ministry of Justice acting through the Legal Aid Agency.

You can view and download the documents individually or you can download all documentation as a ZIP file using the link below:

All documentation for this case [14.9MB]

  • Document 1 (PDF, Size: 208KB)

    Attendance upon Client and Record of First Appearance before Magistrates' Court

  • Document 2 (PDF, Size: 2.7MB)

    Advance Information/Streamlined Disclosure Plus Previous Convictions Recorded Against Lenny Wise

  • Document 2a (PDF, Size: 387KB)

    Initial Disclosure of Prosecution?s Case including previous convictions recorded against Lenny Wise

  • Document 3 (PDF, Size: 502KB)

    CRM 1

  • Document 4 (PDF, Size: 111KB)

    Attendance Note

  • Document 5 (PDF, Size: 2.1MB)

    Application for a Representation Order - (CRM14)

  • Document 5a (PDF, Size: 8KB)

    Additional amplification

  • Document 5b (PDF, Size: 130KB)

    Representation Order

  • Document 6 (PDF, Size: 135KB)

    Proof of Evidence of Lenny Wise

  • Document 7 (PDF, Size: 362KB)

    Considerataion of Advance Information

  • Document 8 (PDF, Size: 244KB)

    Letter Requesting Copy of Custody Record

  • Document 9 (PDF, Size: 129KB)

    Client Care Letter

  • Document 10 (PDF, Size: 217KB)

    Letter to the CPS Requesting Further Disclosure

  • Document 11 (PDF, Size: 381KB)

    Lymeshire Police Custody Record

  • Document 12 (PDF, Size: 347KB)

    CPS Specimen Letter

  • Document 13 (PDF, Size: 156KB)

    Record of Intial Description

  • Document 14 (PDF, Size: 15.5KB)

    Antecedents of Lenny Wise - Restricted Access to CPS Only

  • Document 16 (PDF, Size: 156KB)

    Standard Case Sent Directions

  • Document 16b (PDF, Size: 185KB)

    Contribution Notice

  • Document 17 (PDF, Size: 492KB)

    Transcript of Bail Hearing - Submissions of Prosecution and Defence

  • Document 18 (PDF, Size: 214KB)

    Record of Decision to Withold Bail

  • Document 19 (PDF, Size: 133KB)

    Notice of Application Relating to Bail to be Made to the Crown Court

  • Document 20 (PDF, Size: 112KB)

    Record of Crown Court Bail Hearing

  • Document 21 (PDF, Size: 111KB)

    File Note to Trainee Solicitor - Enquiry Re: Possible Alibi

  • Document 22 (PDF, Size: 325KB)

    CRM 4 - Application for Prior Authority to Incur Disbursement

  • Document 23 (PDF, Size: 143KB)

    Letter Requesting Expert Report for the Defence

  • Document 24 (PDF, Size: 24KB)

    Letter to Client

  • Document 25 (PDF, Size: 156KB)

    CPS Letter Regarding Service of Case Sent Bundle

  • Document 25a (PDF, Size: 281KB)

    Record of plea and trial preparation hearing

  • Document 25b (PDF, Size: 561KB)

    PTPH form

  • Document 26 (PDF, Size: 381KB)

    Case Sent Bundle Comprising all 'Used' Material

  • Document 26a (PDF, Size: 156KB)

    CPS Letter

  • Document 27a and 27b (PDF, Size: 418KB)

    Police Schedule of Non-Sensitive Unused Material

  • Document 28 (PDF, Size: 317KB)

    Notice of Intention to Admit Evidence of Defendant's Bad Character under Criminal Justice Act 2003

  • Document 29 (PDF, Size: 277KB)

    File Note: Attendance upon Client

  • Document 30 (PDF, Size: 367KB)

    Additional Statement of Lenny Wise - Comments on Evidence Disclosed by the Case Sent Bundle

  • Document 31 (PDF, Size: 124KB)

    Letter to CPS Dealing with CPIA 1996 Matters

  • Document 32a (PDF, Size: 328KB)

    Defence Statement plus Notification of Witness Requirements

  • Document 32b (PDF, Size: 255KB)

    Defence Statement plus Notification of Witness Requirements

  • Document 33 (PDF, Size: 301KB)

    Defence Notice Objecting to the Admissibility of Defendant's Past Criminal Convictions

  • Document 34 (PDF, Size: 217KB)

    CPS Specimen Letter Dealing with Further Disclosure

  • Document 35 (PDF, Size: 201KB)

    Further Disclosure - Police Interview with Other Suspect

  • Document 36 (PDF, Size: 18KB)

    Further Disclosure - Letter from Forensic Science Service

  • Document 37 (PDF, Size: 485KB)

    Psychiatric Medical Report

  • Document 38a (PDF, Size: 202KB)

    Witness Statement Accompanying Psychiatric Medical Report

  • Document 38b (PDF, Size: 125KB)

    Notification of Expert Evidence

  • Document 39 (PDF, Size: 228KB)

    Brief to Council to Attend PCMH

  • Document 40 (PDF, Size: 113KB)

    PCMH Form to be Completed by the Judge

  • Document 41 (PDF, Size: 128KB)

    File Note Based on Plea and Case Management Hearing

  • Document 42 (PDF, Size: 151KB)

    Letter to Client Following PCMH

  • Document 43 (PDF, Size: 281KB)

    Updated Defence Statement

  • Document 44 (PDF, Size: 136KB)

    Trial Brief to Council

  • index (PDF, Size: 36KB)
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