Suppliers, Competitors, and Business Ethics

Gung Ho (1986, Paramount): comedy in which a group of American autoworkers adopts Japanese corporate practices and a new corporate culture in order to turn around a failing plant. Examines issues of cross-cultural communication, differing cultural expectations, how norms are embedded in local context, workplace bullying, and xenophobia.

The True Cost (2015): web-distributed documentary that examines the ethical challenges in the garment industry. Examines issues of social justice, corporate social responsibility, workplace safety, ethical challenges in value chains, and ethical certification schemes.

War Dogs (2016, Warner Bros.): biographical dark comedy of the lives of two men as they transition from ordinary life to becoming arms dealers for the U.S. Army, supplying the Afghan National Army. Deals with issues of supplier relationships, bribery, circumvention of embargoes and international law, conflict between business partners, and government supply chain ethics.