Chapter 8 Additional Ethics in Action web links

Consumers and Business Ethics

Ethics in Action 8.1 – Smartphone data tracking is more than creepy – here’s why you should be worried.
AdWeek – Google is Collecting Your Data – Even When your Phone Isn’t in Use.

The Guardian – ‘Are you ready? Here is all the data Facebook and Google have on you’.

Forbes – ‘What’s Up With Big Data Ethics?’

The Guardian – ‘How Europe’s ‘breakthrough’ privacy law takes on Facebook and Google’.

Ethics in Action 8.2 – Targeting the poor with microfinance: Hype or hope for poverty reduction?
Graamen Bank’s website.

The Guardian article on ‘Info Ladies’ in Bangladesh.

World Economic Forum – ‘The 34-billion-dollar question: Is microfinance the answer the poverty?’.

Bloomberg – ‘Cambodia has a big problem with small loans’.