Employees and Business Ethics

Matewan (1987, Cinecom): dramatized true story of labor struggles in the coal mines of West Virginia. Examines issues of social justice, environmental sustainability, and labor rights.

Philadelphia (1993, TriStar): fictional account of a lawyer with HIV/AIDS who is sabotaged and fired by his firm for his condition. Examines issues of homophobia, workplace discrimination, ethics & human resources, and organizational culture.

Corporate (2017, Indie): fictional account of human resource manager who engages in her work with a ruthless and amoral approach, until one of the employees she has pressured to resign commits suicide. Deals with issues of work/life balance, workplace bullying, corporate amorality, and the human cost of corporate efficiency drives.

Dear Walmart (2018, Online): documentary exploring the relationship between workers and Walmart. In particular, the employees who are engaged in a grassroots movement against the workplace hazards, disrespect and low wages they face. Examines issues of labour rights, organizational culture, trade unionism, and employee satisfaction.