Shareholders and Business Ethics

Barbarians at the Gate (1993, HBO): a fictionalized take on the famous leveraged buy-out of RJR Nabisco. Examines issues of corporate control, shareholder activism, fiduciary duty, and the principal-agent problem.

Arbitrage (2012, Lionsgate): a financier needs to finalize the sale of his investment firm before his financial misrepresentations are exposed. Covers ethical issues of fraud, misrepresentation, and the regulatory challenges posed by the financial industry.

Money Monster (2016, TriStar Pictures): television financial expert Lee Gates is held hostage by a man whose entire life savings were wiped out after he took Lee’s advice. However, a larger conspiracy turns out to be present. Deals with issues of shareholder risk, the ethics of financial advice, corruption, bribery, and the individual impact of financial fraud.