Chapter 6 Additional Ethics in Action web links

Shareholders and Business Ethics

Ethics in Action 6.1 – Digital currencies: Boom or Bust?
This Forbes article looks at a number of executives who have left large technology firms to work in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The Guardian – ‘Bitcoin: after 10 wild years, what’s next for cryptocurrencies?’

MoneyWeek – ‘A warning from the goldmining boom to today’s cryptocurrency investors’

PwC report on using blockchain technology to build a better planet.

Ethics in Action 6.2 – Family Firms and ‘Patient Capital’: Thinking in Decades, Not Quarters
Forbes –‘Britain’s Seven Biggest Family-Owned Businesses’.

Forbes – ‘New Report Reveals The 500 Largest Family-Owned Companies in the World’.

Forbes – ‘Five Ways To Keep A Family Owned Business In the Family for Generations’.

Forbes India – ‘Successor's dilemma: To or not to take over an unethical family business’.