Managing Business Ethics: Tools and Techniques of Business Ethics Management

The Insider (1999, Touchstone): dramatized true story of Jeffrey Wigand, a former tobacco industry executive, who blew a whistle on practices in that industry. Covers issues of individual conscience, organizational culture, industry-wide corruption, and whistle-blowing.

Boiler Room (2000, New Line Cinema): a fictionalized retelling of the Stratton Oakmont “pump and dump” story, this film focuses on how low-level employees turn a blind eye to the unethical practices of their firm. Covers issues of fraud, wilful ignorance, corporate culture, and the intersection of individual and institutional corruption.

The Founder (2016, The Weinstein Company): biographical drama which tells the story of the founding of McDonald’s, specifically the conflict between the McDonald brothers, and Ray Kroc, the man who would eventually buy it and turn it into a global success story. Examines issues of franchisee/franchisor relationships, franchisor control, ethical decision making, trust, and integrity.