Chapter 4 Additional Ethics in Action web links

Making Decisions in Business Ethics: Descriptive Ethical Theories

Ethics in Action 4.1 – We need to protect whistle-blowers who save our skins but pay the price
Whistle-blowers UK is a non-profit organisation which seeks to support whistle-blowers.

Eileen Foster wins award for whistleblowing at Countrywide Financial.

Guardian article on how whistle-blower Martin Woods was ignored whilst a US bank laundered Mexican drug money.

Independent article on Wells Fargo money laundering case settlement

Ethics in Action 3.2 – Punked? How an upstart brewing company sold up and sold out
BrewDog official website.

The Guardian –‘'Punk' beer maker BrewDog sells 22% of firm to private equity house’.

BBC News article on the story of Innocent smoothies.

Independent – ‘Cadbury deal turns sour for Green & Blacks’.