Framing Business Ethics: Corporate Responsibility, Stakeholders, and Citizenship

Erin Brockovich (2000, Universal): lightly fictionalized telling of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company case, where chemicals entered the water supply and harmed local residents. Covers issues of environmental degradation, corporate irresponsibility, stakeholders, sustainable business, and the difficulty of pursuing court cases against large firms.

The Corporation (2003, Zeitgeist): an impassioned and controversial documentary film that indicts large corporations as aggressive organizations that exhibit elements of psychopathy. Covers issues of corporate social responsibility, stakeholders, business and human rights, corporate personhood, and the role of states in effective regulation.

Iron Man (2008, Marvel Studios): a light-hearted entertainment film where the kidnapping and release of Tony Stark, CEO of an armaments firm, prompts self-reflection on the morality of the arms industry.  Touches upon issues of morality in the arms industry, businesses facilitating warfare, shareholder versus stakeholder salience, and individual versus organisational moral accountability.