Chapter 2 Additional Ethics in Action web links

Framing Business Ethics: Corporate Responsibility, Stakeholders, and Citizenship

Ethics in Action 2.1 – Exploiting the competitive gene: The world of CSR Awards
Another example of an organisation which awards annual CSR awards.
An example of an organisation which awards companies in a number of categories, such as ‘Environment’, ‘Leadership’ and ‘Community’.
Telegraph article on the issues associated with CSR awards and rankings.
The Public Eye Awards were presented between 2005 and 2015 for the companies with the worst human rights and environmental records.

Ethics 2.2 – Blurring Public and Private Boundaries in India’s Garment Hub
Tiruppur Exporters’ Association website.  

India Times collection of articles on the Tiruppur Exporters’ Association.

Article on Tiruppur Exporters’ Association plan to build affordable housing for workers.