Conclusions and future perspectives

Lord of War (2005, Lionsgate): fictionalized account of an arms dealer with some similarities to real-world individuals. Examines issues of social justice, corruption, weak governance, smuggling, and human rights.

Blood Diamond (2006, Warner Brothers): this thriller follows a Sierra Leonean man amid a civil war fuelled by “conflict diamonds”. Covers issues of how extractive industries can drive conflict in weak governance situations, ethical challenges of professional private security firms, challenges of sustainable development, and more specifically shows the importance of ethical certification schemes such as the Kimberley Process.

Elysium (2013, TriStar): dystopian sci-fi film set in 2154, depicting one man’s struggle against a world of ¬†extreme wealth inequality. Focuses on issues of overpopulation, immigration, worker exploitation, social class tension, and wealth inequality.