Chapter 11 Additional Ethics in Action web links

Government, Regulation, and Business Ethics

Ethics in Action 11.1 – How Corruption Slows Disaster Recovery

Deutsche Welle article on the resignation of the Saint Martin’s Prime Minister.

The New Yorker – ‘St. Maarten Is Still Striving to Recover from Its Worst Hurricane in a Century’.

The New York Times – ‘Puerto Rico Cancels Whitefish Energy Contract to Rebuild Powerlines’.

Centre for Global Development Policy Paper – ‘Haiti: Where Has All the Money Gone?’

Ethics in Action 11.2 – The UN Global Compact: talking about global regulation.

UN Global Compact
OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises – another global code but written in very different style.
Maquila Solidarity Network –  an advocacy group working to improve the lives of factory workers. They support the use of codes of conduct as one way of working to improve the lives of workers and have many articles dealing with codes.
The UN’s Principles for Responsible Management Education was set up to inspire and champion responsible management education, research and thought leadership globally. It is inspired by internationally accepted values such as the principles of the Global Compact.