Civil Society and Business Ethics

Roger and Me (1989, Warner Bros.): landmark documentary that charted General Motors’ decline, its callous treatment of its workforce, and the effect on the city of Flint, Michigan. Examines issues of globalization, the challenging labor market for former-manufacturers, organized labor, the impact of robots on labor markets, responsibility of firms for former employees, and corporate social responsibility more generally.

Fire in the Blood (2013, Sparkwater India): this documentary shows how pharmaceutical firms and developed world state governments intentionally obstructed efforts to provide low cost pharmaceuticals to HIV/AIDS sufferers in the developing world. Covers issues of just pricing, social justice, civil society activism, and intellectual property.

Snowden (2016, Open Road): biographic thriller based on the life of Edward Snowden, detailing the events leading up to him leaking classified documents which evidence the US governments mass surveillance programme. Touches upon issues of businesses’ involvement with government-led infringement of civil liberties, moral conflict and reasoning, whistleblowing, and the ethical responsibilities of public bodies.