Chapter 1 Additional Ethics in Action web links

Introducing Business Ethics

Ethics in Action 1.1 – Tackling the talent crunch in Indian IT
Quartz India article ‘India Inc is now willing to pay more to fix its gender diversity problem’,

India Today article ‘Need for workplace diversity: Challenges in Indian organisations.

Forbes Magazine article - It's Time To Prioritize Diversity Across Tech.

Conversation article. ‘Gender equality is still alive and kicking in technology’.

Ethics 1.2 – Ethical fashion for ethics girls
Ethical fashion initiative’s website, an organisation which encourages the industry to be responsible and connects marginalised artisans with the international fashion industry.

The Good Shopping Guide advises consumers on where to buy ethical goods, see in particular their section of fashion.

The Ethical Fashion Forum was launched to try and elevate social and environmental standards in the fashion industry.

Financial Times article on the ‘Maiyet Collective’ a pop-up store trying to reinvent eco-fashion by bringing together ethical brands.