Chapter 13 Web links

The USA and the EU

A German Marshall Fund project entitled ‘Transatlantic Trends’, publishing polls and field research on how the US is viewed by Europeans. Its findings are particularly useful for further academic research on US-EU relations.

This is the website of the European Commission Delegation in Washington DC. It contains a wide range of relevant economic and political information, and has links to a large number of other sites dealing with US-EU relations.

Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington DC. Contains a large range of research, information and publications dealing with the political economy of US-EU relations, among many other issues.

State Department web pages dealing with the EU. This website is the best source for up to date information, documentation and statements on US-EU relations in the political and security domains.

The website of the US Mission to the European Union in Brussels. It has comprehensive documentation on current policy issues and disputes, especially in the commercial domain, and it presents US policy positions on a wide range of issues.