Videos: Part 3: Regulating contracts: Overview

The focus in Part III of the textbook is on how the law regulates contracts, by setting limits to how parties can behave during the bargaining process as well as by setting bounds on the terms to which they can assent. The three online videos for this Part III illustrate the type of everyday situations and contractual clauses that make these rules necessary, and the manner in which the law seeks to deal with the problems these clauses create. 

Each of the three sets of videos deals with one type of situation discussed in Part III of the book.  The first deals with misselling, looking at whether particular statements made in the course of a sale amount to a misrepresentation and, if so, the impact they have on the purchaser’s rights.  The second deals with two different clauses in consumer contracts, asking whether those clauses are legally valid (and whether they ought to be legally enforceable).  The third looks at a controversial clause, using it to explore the role of public policy in setting bounds to the freedom of parties to structure their contracts as they please.

As with Parts I and II, each video is accompanied by an introduction and some commentary on the situation set out in the video.  Treat these as setting out points for further discussion and reflection, and as a guide to working through the legal issues arising out of the situations described in the videos.