Videos: Part 2: Keeping Contracts: Overview

The chapters in Part II of this book discuss how we use legal rules to decide the scope and extent of each party’s obligations under a contract—or, to put it differently, to decide what the parties have actually taken on under the contract.  The three online videos for Part II explore the real-life impact usefulness of these legal rules, by giving you examples of everyday situations where the extent of a party’s rights or powers was at issue. 

Each of the three sets of videos deals with one type of situation we’ve encountered in Part II of the book.  The first deals looks at whether a statement in an ad campaign is ‘mere puff’ or has actual legal content.  The second (consisting of two videos) looks at the legal rules around interpretation and implication, in the context of a situation where a contract gives near-unrestricted power to one party to impose charges on the other.  The third looks at the rules around mistake, focusing specifically on mispriced items on a website. 

As with the videos in Part I, each video is accompanied by an introduction and some commentary on the situation set out in the video.  Treat these as setting out points for further discussion and reflection, and as a guide to working through the legal issues arising out of the situations described in the videos.