Videos: Part 1: Forming Contracts: Overview

In Chapters 2-5, you have seen a number of examples of everyday transactions which are governed by the law of contract.  The three online videos for Part I explore in greater depth the role of contract in everyday life, by looking at how the law of contract deals with advertisements.  Each of the three videos deals with one advertising campaign.  The videos are followed by a brief commentary, which picks up on legal issues the ads raise. 

The issues raised in the commentary are not fanciful: two of the advertisements—in video 1 and video 3—actually led to lawsuits for breach of contract, as you will see when you get to the commentary.  In one case (video 3), the ad led directly to the collapse of a large consumer company, simply because it had not quite reckoned with the extent of liability the ad would create under the law of contract. Treat the commentary as setting out points for further discussion and reflection, and as a guide to working through the legal issues created by the advertisements.