Chapter 9 Web links

Consumer Insight 9.1

Visit Solo’s Twitter page and see how they challenged their modesty and did something ‘un-Norwegian’ by advertising in US:

See also:


Consumer Insight 9.2

There is an interesting paper written by Alf H. Walle on how another school of mythology (Jungian analysis) can be used to deal with consumer behaviour and the way consumers respond to certain advertisements:

Visit the Jack Will’s website to see how they use archetypes and myths to promote their brand:


Consumer Insight 9.3

There are lots of sites talking about hygge, whether it is about the lifestyle or the philosophy. See for example:

There are also some that are quite critical about it:


Consumer Insight 9.4

You can watch a video of the story of Phillips’ ‘Augmented Reality Mugs’ campaigns here:


Consumer Insight 9.5

This blog looks at how to market ‘Tweenage’ products:

There is an interesting news item here on the rise of the ‘Tweenage’ blogger: