Chapter 9 Web exercises

Exercise 1

a) Read this article about Coca Cola’s globalisation strategy:

Now conduct internet research to find examples of differences in Coca Cola’s approach to marketing its products around the world. If possible, speak to students from different cultural/national backgrounds to find out more about the marketing of Coca Cola in their country.

b) In this chapter we saw the advert for Coca Cola Light, which emphasizes individuality in its strapline, ‘Nur du, bist du’, which translates as ‘Only you are you’. This has been linked to Hofstede’s framework, and highlights the individualistic aspect of German culture. You can see the advertisement here:

Now take a look at this British TV advert for V05:

Consider how the idea of collectivist culture is used in this advert in comparison with the Coke advert. How does each of them work? Which do you think is more effective and why?


Exercise 2

Take a look at the following clip on the China Construction Bank’s ‘Are you smarter than a fifth grader?’

Consider how the bank is using aspects of Chinese culture to develop its campaign. Why do you think it is successful? Can you think of promotions that might use aspects of other countries’ cultures?

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