Chapter 8 Web links

Consumer Insight 8.1

There are lots of sites that you can look at to see before and after pictures such as:

Look at other sites that present healthy living and the way the bloggers present themselves. This site gives links to over 20:


Consumer Insight 8.2

The idea of KOLs is particularly strong in Asia, see:

Also prominent in China, as a recent Forbes piece describes here:


Consumer Insight 8.3

This links to an article from Forbes on the importance of Word of Mouth marketing:

You can find out more about Dettol’s influencer mums here:

Visit Uniqlo’s Facebook page to see how they are harnessing Word of Mouth:


Consumer Insight 8.4

Take a look at this infographic on the importance of online reviews

You can read about a complaint against TripAdvisor sent to the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority here:

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