Chapter 2 End-of-chapter question guidance

Policy, politics, and the media

1. Under what conditions is it possible to make immigration policy in a way that is truly democratically accountable. Is this desirable?

You might consider the mechanisms of accountability to the public that are presently used, whether or not these are formally part of government. What does accountability mean? Does it mean giving information, allowing for input into policy-making, setting up mechanisms whereby information can be obtained on the initiative of the public, or what?

If you want to go further into the politics of the question, you could consider different models of democracy. Does putting a cross on a ballot paper and having an MP speak in Parliament fulfil conditions for democracy?

How is public opinion formed? Is this the correct basis for determining immigration policy? If not, by what right or authority can any alternative be relied upon?


2. What elements would you like to see in a code of practice for the media on reporting on immigration and asylum issues?

Bear in mind the right to freedom of expression and to impart information and the rights and freedoms of those who are the subject of reporting.