Case Study Documentation Introduction

Throughout Civil Litigation the authors refer to two fictional case studies, which provide a practical focus to the law and procedures described in the text. Case study questions appear at the end of chapters and are also available here to download along with any documentation referred to in the questions. To help you revise, sample answers and documents are also available here to download. In addition, there are accompanying podcasts available of a few of the procedures from the cases, and three video scenarios.

Chapter 3
Costs Information to the Client and Funding Options

Chapter 6
The First Client Meeting and Initial Considerations

Chapter 7
Pre-Action Substantive Matters

Chapter 8
Pre-Action Protocols

Chapter 9
Starting Your Court Action and Serving It on the Defendant

Chapter 10
Defending A Claim

Chapter 11
Drafting Statements of a Case

Chapter 12
Case Management

Chapter 14
Interim Applications-Common Types

Chapter 15
Part 36 Offers and Offers to Settle Outside Part 36

Chapter 16
Disclosure and Inspection

Chapter 17
Witness Statements and Documentary Evidence

Chapter 18
Experts and Expert Evidence

Chapter 19
Trial, Settlement, and Appeals