Chapter 10 Case study documentation

Defending a Claim

Bollingtons Limited and Mrs Elizabeth Lynch t/a The Honest Lawyer

See the attendance note referred to in the case study questions for chapter 8 for the detail of the facts of this case.

The Claim Form endorsed with the Particulars of Claim has been correctly served in accordance with the CPR. The date upon which the Defendant should have filed her Acknowledgement of Service and Defence has passed. Default Judgment has now been entered by the Claimant's solicitors though your client does not know that this has happened.

Now acting for the Defendant, you have today been telephoned by Mrs. Lynch, a new client to the practice. You made a detailed note of your conversation in the following telephone attendance note.

Question 1
What are the initial steps you would take regarding the Claim Form and Particulars of Claim?

Question 2
What issues will you need to cover in your first letter to your client?

Suggested answers to case study questions are available here to download.