Case study questions: Bollingtons Limited v Mrs Elizabeth Lynch t/a The Honest Lawyer

Case Study Bollingtons Ltd v Mrs Elizabeth Lynch t/a The Honest Lawyer

Bollingtons Limited is an existing client of the firm. Mr Green of Bollingtons has been in to see you. View a copy of your file note and the invoice for the supply of beer in the online resources.

Question 1

What information would go in your letter before claim to Mrs Lynch?

Question 2

What points would you cover in your first letter to your new client Bollingtons Ltd? Consider which matters it would be advisable to reiterate, advise on, request from, or send to the client. Please ensure that you are certain who the client is. Consider whether you should justify and explain the steps that you have taken, and what professional conduct points could arise at this stage in this case study.

Suggested answers to case study questions are available here to download.