Chapter 1 Key facts checklists

Tort and the tort system: general overview

●    Tort law is the branch of civil law predominantly concerned with protecting a range of individual interests.

●    The main interests protected concern the safety of person and property, the use and enjoyment of property, reputation and, to a limited extent, certain economic interests and privacy.

●    Tort law is diverse and must be distinguished from other areas of law.

●    Public policy and, more recently, human rights law must be taken into account in learning the law of tort.

●    Remedies in tort are predominantly damages and, to a lesser extent, injunctions.

●    Insurance plays a role in practice, if not in principle.

●    The tort system is only one of many routes to compensation.

●    Concerns about the growing ‘compensation culture’ have been reflected in the Compensation Act 2006, judicial decisions, and academic comment.