Chapter 9 Outline


9.1 Humans Can Adapt to Seeing the World in a New Way

9.2 Retinal Ganglion Cells in Adult Amphibians and Fish Can Reestablish Connections to the Tectum

9.3 Various Permutations of Retinotectal Regeneration Refute a Strict Version of Chemoaffinity

9.4 Visual Experience Fine-Tunes Frog Retinotectal Connections

  • RESEARCHERS AT WORK Three-Eyed Frogs Show Us the Way

9.5 Mammals Require Visual Experience during a Sensitive Period to Develop Functional Vision

9.6 Physiological Recordings Reveal How Visual Deprivation Impairs Sight

  • RESEARCHERS AT WORK Strabismus in Kittens Drastically Alters Visual System Connections

9.7 Owls Can Use Visual Experience to Fine-Tune Their Auditory Maps

9.8 Olfactory Receptor Maps Are Also Sculpted by Experience

9.9 Tactile Experience Guides the Formation of Topographic Maps in Somatosensory Cortex

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