Chapter 10 Outline


10.1 The Terms Instinct and Innate Are So Vague That They Are Worthless

10.2 Species with Parental Behavior Develop the Most Complex Brains and Behavior

10.3 Maternal Behavior Can Regulate the Stress Response of Offspring


10.4 Many Species Look to Their Parents to Recognize Mating Partners

10.5 Observational Learning Can Transmit Behaviors across Generations

10.6 Birdsong Is a Learned Behavior Where Young Males Model Their Father’s Song

  • RESEARCHERS AT WORK Sparrows Are Predisposed to Learn Species-Specific Song Elements

10.7 Humans Are Predisposed to Learn Language without Any Formal Training

  • RESEARCHERS AT WORK The Habituation Response Allows Us to Read Babies’ Minds

10.8 Primates Require Love to Develop Properly

10.9 Postnatal Social Stimulation Continues to Affect Brain Development

  • RESEARCHERS AT WORK Social Stimulation Alters Neuregulin Signaling to Promote Myelination

10.10 Intelligence Tests Demonstrate the Pervasive Effects of Culture

10.11 The Controversial Issue of Racial Differences in Average IQ Performance

  • RESEARCHERS AT WORK Does Race Affect the IQ of German Offspring of American GIs?
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