Links for new exploration:

1.Tin Pan Alley today:

Irving Berlin’s “Blue Skies”:

2.History of the 78 RPM record:

Recording of Original Rhapsody in Blue:

3. Louis Armstrong Performs live in 1933:

Guy Lombardo, an example of “sweet” bands of the 30’s and early 40’s, performs live:

4. Bing Crosby sings Iriving Berlin’s “White Christmas”:

Frank Sinatra and the rise of the “bobby-soxer”:

5. Tracing the beginnings of the ‘Latin tinge’ in popular music:

Jimmy Rodgers’ “The Singing Brakeman”:

6. Tommy Dorsey’s “Take My Hand, Precious Lord”

Website of poet, playwright, and scholar of African American music Amiri Baraka:

7. Bessie Smith’s “St. Louis Blues”:

Britannica biography of Bessie Smith:

8. Blind Lemon Jefferson’s “See That My Grave is Kept Clean”:

Website of the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, MS:

9. Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five playing “Buzz Me”:

Downbeat: a magazine that continues to discuss jazz today:

10: Johnny Otis playing “Little Hand Jive”:

Biography of Johnny Otis:

11. Henry Glover’s New York Times obituary:

Ahmet Ertegun’s page on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Website:

12. About Honky-tonks:

Example of Western Swing, performed by Bob Willis and His Texas Playboys:

13. Hank Williams, playing his famous song “Cold, Cold Heart” live in 1952:

Pop cover of Hank Williams’ “Cold, Cold Heart” by Tony Bennett:

14. A look at B.B. King’s top live performances:

On the history of Rhythm and Blues:

15. Ruth Brown live:

Connection between Gospel and Rhythm and Blues:

16. Ray Charles’ song “Mess Around” featured in the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles:

Learn about the legacy of Ray Charles’ groundbreaking album, Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music:

17. The GRAMMY Foundation interviews Jerry Wexler:

Norman Mailer’s article in Dissent that inspired much of Jerry Wexler’s message in this chapter:

18. The story of the inventor of the jukebox, a device that encouraged the spread of music across racial lines:

On the 45 RPM Record:

19.  Chuck Berry plays his classic “Johnny B. Goode” live:

Muddy Waters, whose blues influenced Chuck Berry’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, live in concert:

20. Little Richard performs his breakout hit, “Tutti Frutti”, live:

Little Richard in his second career as a preacher:

21. Elvis performs live:

A look at Elvis’ famous style:

22. A look at rock music and its struggle against censorship:

A sociologist discusses moral panics and rock music:

23. Rolling Stone on segregation at rock concerts:

Nat King Cole performs “Unforgettable” live:

24. On the history of Dick Clark’s American Bandstand:

On Alan Freed, who as blacklisted as a result of the Payola Scandal:


Chubby Checker performs “The Twist”:

26. On the history of surf music:

On the making of the Beach Boys’ classic album, Pet Sounds:

27. Review of classic folk album Dust Bowl Ballads by woody Guthrie:

Trailer for Inside Llewyn Davis, a film which follows a musician during the 1960’s folk revival:

28. Bob Dylan goes electric at Newport Folk Festival:

History of American Protest music:

29. Article on Bob Dylan’s poetry collection, Tarantula:

Dylan’s first full-length interview:

30. Sam Cooke performs live:

A look at the history and development of soul music:

31. Berry Gordy discusses Motown: the Musical:

The Marvellettes performing “Please Mr. Postman” live:

32. James Brown performing live:

James Brown performs on the TAMI show:

33. Music video for Otis Redding’s “(Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay”:

Southern Soul genre overview:

34. Aretha Franklin revisits her church and childhood home:

Aretha Franklin performs “Respect” live:

35. On George Martin meeting the Beatles:

On how Elvis influenced the Beatles:

36. A taste of Beatlemania:

Trailer for remastered film, A Hard Day’s Night:

37. Facts about Sgt. Pepper’s famous album artwork:

A history of the concept album:

38. Influence of British art schools on rock:

The Who play “My Generation” live:

39. Blues roots of the Rolling Stones:

John Lennon on the Beatles’ experimental track, “Revolution 9”:

40. Jefferson airplane performs at the Monterrey Pop Festival:

On Ken Kesey’s “acid tests”:

41. Janis Joplin sings “Me and Bobby Magee” live:

Big Brother and the Holding Company play “Ball and Chain”:

42. History of the 27 club:

Jimi Hendrix plays “Purple Haze live”:

43. Frank Zappa testifying before the US Senate concerning censorship and political correctness in rock lyrics:

An example of Zappa’s avant garde music:

44. Remembering the disaster of the Altamont Free Concert:

Looking at festivals in 1969 besides Woodstock:

45. The Velvet Underground perform “Sister Ray” live:

Iggy and the Stooges perform live:

46. Carole King, who wrote countless hits for herself and the girl groups of the 50’s, inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame:

A look at the singer/songwriter genre of the late sixties and early seventies:

47. Joni Mitchell plays “Woodstock”:

Joni Mitchell on the creative process:

48. Sly and the Family Stone performing “Everyday People Live”:

New York Times article on the debate between integrationism and nationalism in the civil rights movement:

49. Stevie Wonder live in the studio:

Stevie Wonder interview on his development and career:

50. Parliament plays “Mothership Connection (Star Child)” live:

On the broader intersection between Black artists and the possibilities of space:

51. On the invention of the power chord:

A short history of metal:

52. Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” live:

On Led Zeppelin’s beginnings:

53. Elton John and others looking back at his classic album, Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

Glam rock’s future relevance and why it was misunderstood:

54. On the making of Pink Floyd’s classic album, Dark Side of the Moon:

Emerson Lake and Palmer and their influence on prog rock:

55. Bob Marley playing “Exodus” live:

Rastafarian music and its influence on Reggae:

56. How disco music has changed the world:

On the importance of architecture to disco:

57. On punk music and style:

A breakdown of the different subgenres of punk rock:

58. Patti Smith discusses her creative process:

Sample Patti Smith’s poetry:

59. Sex Pistols perform “Anarchy in the UK” live:

The political and economic roots of punk:

60. Devo’s  “Whip It” music video:

Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime” music video:

61. History of music videos before MTV:

The first music video ever aired on MTV:

62. On Michael Jackson’s troubled childhood:

Thriller Music Video:

63. Madonna’s “Material Girl” music video:

A look at Madonna’s style:

64. On Bruce Springsteen’s childhood:

Bruce Springsteen’s “Jungleland” live:

65. Prince live at the American Music Awards:

Anita Baker live:

66. Eddie van Halen demonstrates his tapping technique:

 A guide to different genres of metal:

67. Metallica’s James Hetfield on the band’s songwriting process:

Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” live:

68. About a controversy involving Judas  Priest’s lyrics and censorship:

A brief history of censorship in popular music:

69. On the history of indie music:

On the relevance of college rock stations today:

70. On John Zorn’s Masada Project:

Sonic Youth Live:

71. PBS on the birth of Hip Hop:

Interview with the Sugar Hill Gang on their breakout hit, “Rapper’s Delight”:

72. On MTV and rap:

A brief history of sampling in rap music:

73. On bigotry in Guns N Roses’ “One in a Million”:

Public Enemy’s Chuck D. on the group’s political message:

74. A look at De La Soul’s Three Feet High and Rising:

History of the term ‘Gangsta rap’:

75. Rap Music and the First Amendment:

New York Times covers Time-Warner’s release of Ice T from his contract.

76. On the rivalry between 2Pac and Biggie Smalls:

Discussing the Wu-Tang Clan and the phenomenon of Blockism:

77. History of sampling in music:

Missy Elliott interviewed in The Guardian:

78. Sociology of gen x-ers who made the grunge movement:

Nirvana performing “The Man  who Sold the World” live MTV Unplugged:

79. History of the Riot Grrrl Movement:

Spotify page for Riot Grrrl band Bikini Kill:

80. Playlist of 90’s alternative rock classics:

When alternative music became mainstream:

81. Paul Simon interview on the story of Graceland:

On the creation of world music:

82. Lilith Fair live performance:

Sarah Mclachlan on the story behind Lilith Fair:

83. “Dance Pride: The Gay Origins of Dance Music”:

Video guide to different electronic music genres:

84. Mary J. Blige performs live on Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

The Black Feminist Teachings of “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”:

85. Look at the Dixie Chicks’ and their interaction with politics and the music industry:

Garth Brooks playing his hit, “Friends in Low Places” live:

86. Debate over who was the best boy band:

Rolling Stone recounts the creation of the two biggest boybands of the 90’s:

87. On the changing nature of ‘Classic Rock’:

The website of the Journal of Popular Music Studies:

88. Timeline of the history of Spotify:

A look at how streaming services affect local artists:

89. New Yorker on Beyonce’s Lemonade:

Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” music video:

90. New York Times on the success of EDM:

EDM artist Deadmau5 performing live at the Grammy Awards in 2012:

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