Brackett List of Readings Alphabetized

Grant Alden, “Grunge Makes Good”

Harry Allen, “Hip Hop Madness: From Def Jams to Cold Lampin’, Rap is Our Music”

“American Folk Tunes: Cowboy and Hillbilly Tunes and Tunesters”

Sam Gideon Anso and Charles Rappleye, “Rap Sheet”

Nina C. Ayoub, “Idol Pursuits,” The Chronicle of Higher Education (February 13, 2011).

Jay Babcock, “The Kids Aren’t All Right  . . . They’re Amazing,” LA Weekly

“Bands Dug by the Beat: Louis Jordan”

Lester Bangs, “Of Pop and Pies and Fun”

Gene Bluestein, “Songs of the Silent Generation”

W. A. Brower, “George Clinton: Ultimate Liberator of Constipated Notions”

Ruth Brown (with Andrew Yule), from Miss Rhythm: The Autobiography of Ruth Brown,

Rhythm and Blues Legend

James Brown (with Bruce Tucker), from The Godfather of Soul

Peter Bunzel, “Music Biz Goes Round and Round: It Comes Out Clarkola”

Ray Charles and David Ritz, from Brother Ray: Ray Charles’ Own Story      

Joshua Clover, “Jukebox Culture: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Boy Band,” Spin (July 2000): 157. 

John Cohen and Happy Traum, “An Interview with Bob Dylan”

Caroline Coon, “Rebels Against the System”

“Corn of Plenty”

Kyle Crichton, “Thar’s Gold in them Hillbillies”

Robert Christgau, “Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster: The Music Biz on a Joyride”

J. D. Considine, “Fear of a Rap Planet”

J. D. Considine, “Purity and Power - Total, Unswerving Devotion to Heavy Metal Form: Judas Priest and the Scorpions”

Carol Cooper, “Girls Ain’t Nothin’ but Trouble”

Mark Cooper, “Garth Brooks: Meet Nashville's New Breed of Generously Stetsoned Crooner,” Q, March 1992

Joe Coscarelli, “Riding an Online Craze to the Top”

Richard Cromelin, “Brian Wilson, Part 1”

Cameron Crowe,  “David Bowie Interview”

Bob Dawbarn, “Second Dimension: Jimi Hendrix in Action”

Jim Delehant, “Otis Redding Interview”

Carla DeSantis, "Lilith Fair: If You Want to See a Show, Put on a Festival - Sarah McLachlan Takes the Girls on the Road," Rockrgrl (July 1997)

Daryl Easlea, “Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough: Bruce Swedien Remembers the Times with Michael     Jackson,” Record Collector (Summer 2009)

Barbara Ehrenreich, et al, “Beatlemania: Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” from Re-making Love: The Feminization of Sex

Christopher John Farley, “Hip-Hop Nation”

Al Flipside, “What is this Thing Called Hardcore”

“Folk Singing: Sybil with Guitar”

Ben Fong-Torres, “The Formerly Little Stevie Wonder”         

Robert Ford, Jr., “B-Beats Bombarding Bronx: Mobile DJ Starts Something with Oldie

            R&B Disks”

Robert Ford, Jr., “Jive Talking N.Y. DJs Rapping Away in Black Discos”

Marvin Freedman, “Black Music’s on Top; White Jazz Stagnant”

Simon Frith, “The Real Thing – Bruce Springsteen”

Phyl Garland,  “Aretha Franklin—Sister Soul: Eclipsed Singer Gains New Heights,” Ebony

Richard Gehr, “Metallica”

Nelson George, from The Death of Rhythm and Blues

Jerry Gilbert, “Son House (part 1): Living King of the Delta”

Ralph J. Gleason, “Dead Like Live Thunder”

Richard Goldstein, “I Blew My Cool Through the New York Times

Giorgio Gomelsky, “The Rolling Stones Stake a Claim in the R&B Race”

Kim Gordon, “Boys Are Smelly: Sonic Youth Tour Diary, ‘87”        

Charlotte Greig, from Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?: Girl Groups from the 50’s On

Charles Hamm,  “Irving Berlin and the Crucible of God”, in Irving Berlin, Songs from the Melting Pot: The Formative Years, 1907-191

Aisha Harris, “Has Kendrick Lamar Recorded the New Black National Anthem?”

Nat Hentoff, “We Look at Our Parents and . . .”

Robert Hilburn, “Third-World Theme of Bob Marley,” Los Angeles Times, May 16, 1976, p. L1

Selwyn Seyfu Hinds, “Party Over”

Stephen Holden, “The B-52s American Graffiti”

Mike Jahn, “Recollected in Tranquility: Woodstock”

Rufus Jarman, “Country Music Goes to Town”

Norman Jopling, “Chuck Berry: Rock Lives!”

Robin Katz, “Patti Smith: Poetry in Motion”

Elizabeth Kaye, “Sam Phillips Interview”

Ed Kelleher, “Black Sabbath Don’t Scare Nobody,” Creem

Sally Kempton, “Zappa and the Mothers: Ugly Can Be Beautiful”

Irving Kolodin, “The Dance Band Business: A Study in Black and White

Andrew Kopkind, “The Dialectic of Disco: Gay Music Goes Straight”

Harvey Kubernik, “Berry Gordy: A Conversation with Mr. Motown”

Leroi Jones, from Blues People: The Negro Experience in White America and the Music that Developed from It

Martha Weinman Lear, “The Bobby Sox Have Wilted, but the Memory Remains Fresh”

George Lipsitz, “Immigration and Assimilation: Rai, Reggae, and Bhangramuffin,” from Dangerous Crossroads: Popular Music, Postmodernism, and the Poetics of Place

From Our Music Critic [William Mann], “What Songs the Beatles Sang . . .”

Greil Marcus, from Mystery Train: Images of America in Rock ‘n’ Roll Music

Dave Marsh, “Little Egypt from Asbury Park-And Bruce Springsteen Don’t Crawl on His Belly, Neither”

John Mendelsohn, “Review of Led Zeppelin”

Tim Morse, from Yesstories: Yes in Their Own Words

“Mr. Clark and Colored Payola”

Jon Pareles, “There’s a New Sound in Pop Music: Bigotry”

Paul Nelson, “Newport Folk Festival, 1965”

From Johnny Otis, Upside Your Head!  Rhythm and Blues on Central Avenue

Camille Paglia, “Venus of the Radio Waves”

Tom Phillips, “Review of Sergeant Pepper

Political Engagement and African American Music in the 21st Century

Ann Powers, “The New Conscience of Pop Music”

Record Labeling: Hearing before the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, United States Senate, 99th Congress, September 19, 1985

Simon Reynolds, “Historia Electronica Preface” from Javier Blanquez and Omar Morera (eds.) Loops: Una Historia De La Musica Electronica

Simon Reynolds, “How Rave Music Conquered America.”

“RIOT GRRRL… Believe in me!”

Zandria F. Robinson, “How Beyoncé’s Lemonade Exposes Inner Lives of Black Women”

Rob Roy, “Bias Against ‘Rock ‘n Roll’ Latest bombshell In Dixie”

Andrew Sarris, “Bravo Beatles”

Dave Schulps, “The Crunge: Jimmy Page Gives a History Lesson”

John Seabrook, “Revenue Stream”

Irwin Silber, “Newport Folk Festival, 1965”

Nat Shapiro and Nat Hentoff, from Hear Me Talkin’ to Ya: The Story of Jazz as Told by the Men Who Made It

Bill Simon, “Indies’ Surprise Survival: Small Labels’ Ingenuity and Skill Pay Off”

Arnold Shaw, from Honkers and Shouters: The Golden Years of Rhythm and Blues

Arnold Shaw, from Honkers and Shouters: The Golden Years of Rhythm and Blues

Arnold Shaw, from Honkers and Shouters: The Golden Years of Rhythm and Blues

Natasha Stovall, “Town Criers”

Greg Tate, “I’m White! What’s Wrong with Michael Jackson”

Charles Taylor, “Chicks Against the Machine,” Salon

“Testimony of Mr. Lars Ulrich, Member and Co-founder of Metallica (Senate Judiciary Committee on Downloading Music on the Internet, July 11, 2000)

Theodore Strongin, “Musicologically . . .”

“Top Names Now Singing the Blues As Newcomers Roll on R&B Tide”

Touré, “Snoop Dogg’s Gentle Hip Hop Growl”

Penny Valentine, “Joni Mitchell: An Interview (part 1)”

James Wolcott, “A Conservative Impulse in the New Rock Underground”

“A Warning to the Music Business”

Eric Weisbard, “Over & Out: Indie Rock Values in the Age of Alternative Million Sellers”

Chris Welch, “Stevie Wonder: ‘Hah— the boy is getting MILITANT! You get back to ‘Fingertips’ now!’”

Jerry Wexler and David Ritz, from Rhythm and the Blues: A Life in American Music

Jerry Wexler and David Ritz, from Rhythm and the Blues: A Life in American Music

Charles White, from The Life and Times of Little Richard: The Quasar of Rock

Paul Whiteman and Mary Margaret McBride, “On Wax,” from Jazz

Ellen Willis, “Records: Rock, Etc.—The Big Ones”

Robert Windeler, “Carole King: ‘You Can Get to Know Me Through My Music,” Stereo Review

J. R. Young, “Review of Various Artists, Woodstock”

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