A note on original texts

When I first became involved in Borkowski’s Textbook, it was not easy to locate original Latin texts from the Corpus Iuris Civilis online. I am happy to report that matters have moved along considerably since then. A very useful free tool has now become available to trace Roman-law texts.

The tool in question is a downloadable programme called amanuensis created by Dr. Riedlberger. It can be downloaded from his website: http://www.riedlberger.de/amanuensis/ It is completely free and utilises the text of the old BIA database – based on the Mommsen edition. There is also a version for tablet and smartphone that may be downloaded for free from your service platform [e.g. ITunes]. It is a marvellous piece of software that permits one to search for Digest texts using their location or keywords. [Please note that principium should be searched using the symbol 0 = D.1.2.2pr = D.].

Original Latin and Greek texts of literary sources from antiquity may be obtained from the website of the Latin Library mentioned elsewhere on this site.

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