[1] This chronology has been composed using information from Robinson, C.E. A History of the Roman Republic 2nd edition (London 1937) pp.455 - 66; Cary, M. and Scullard, H.H. A History of Rome 3rd edition (1992) pp. 559 - 70; Tellegen-Couperus, O.E. A Short History of Roman Law (London/New York 1993) pp. 150 – 165. Information concerning the approximate dates of Roman jurists and of legislation affecting private law is based on the chronology in Spruit, J.E. Enchiridium: Een geschiedenis van het Romeinse Privaatrecht 4th edition (Deventer 1994) pp. 306 – 313.

Legend: † = died; ? = uncertain dates; L.A. = Actions at Law Procedure (Legis Actiones); F. = Formulary Procedure; C.E. = Cognitio Extraordinaria Procedure; C. = Cognitio Procedure; * = Imperial Challenger elsewhere in the Empire.

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