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Website of the Land Registry for England and Wales. This site includes a wealth of information about the activities of the Land Registry.

Would you like to see a copy of the register of title? Maybe you would like to see the entries relating to the property you are currently living in. For a small fee, you can obtain a copy of the register of title for that address.

There are a number of guides which provide explanations and practical information about land registration, these include:


Law Commission Documentation

Land Registration

Law Commission Consultation Paper on ‘Updating the Land Registration Act 2002’ (CP 227)
In March 2016 the Law Commission sought views on various aspects of updating the Land Registration Act 2002, many of which were technical. Although the consultation has closed the documentation remains available on the Law Commission’s website.

Law Commission Consultation Report Land Registration for the Twenty-First Century (Law Com 254). This Consultation sought to obtain views on various aspects of registered land with a view of increasing the number of registered titles and provide a comprehensive register which would facilitate the operation of e-coveyancing.

A joint report with the Law Commission and Land Registry, Land Registration for the Twenty-First Century: A Conveyancing Revolution (Law Com 271).
This report provides guidance on the changes that introduced by the Land Registration Bill, reviewed the legal position as it stood at the time and indicated departures from the Consultation Report (Law Com 254).


The Law Commission is seeking to make commonhold a workable alternative to leaseholds. Recent documentation relating to this consultation exercise can be found on their dedicated commonhold website. 

Easements and Covenants

A review of the current rules covering easements and covenants was undertaken in 2008 and the project has been completed with accompanying recommendations. A brief outline of the project and the associated documentation is available from the Law Commission’s website

The key documents are:

In 2011, the Law Commission set their recommendations for reform of easements, profits and covenants.

  • Law Commission Consultation Paper, Easements, Covenants and Profits à Prendre (Law Com CP 186). In 2008, the Law Commission set out a comprehensive review of the general law of easements, profits and covenants to identify defects in the law and possible areas for reform.

Rights to Light

Law Commission Consultation Paper, Rights to Light: a Consultation Paper (Law Com CP 210).
This consultation published in February 2013 sought to obtain views on the regulation of the rights to light to in order to make disputes simpler, easier and quicker to resolve. Documentation associated with the project is available from the Law Commission’s website.


Law Commission Report on Cohabitation: The financial consequences of relationship breakdown (Law Com 307).
This report considers the inadequacies of the current law where a cohabiting relationship has broken down due to separation or death. A new statutory regime is proposed for cohabitants who have met certain criteria: they have children together or have lived together for a number of years. The web page you are directed to includes the Executive Summary. The Law Commission’s co-habitation website provides all the corresponding reports as well as academic articles.


Pre-Action Protocol for Possession Claims based on Mortgage or Home Purchase Plan Arrears in Respect of Residential Property published by the Ministry of Justice

House of Commons Research Briefing Paper on ‘Mortgage Arrears and Repossessions’ (2014)

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