Rectification of the register of title

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. Rectification of the Register of Title is defined by the Land Registration Act 2002 in what terms?

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. In 1982, Larry conveyed Greyacre to Edward. The area was not an area of compulsory registration; indeed Edward negligently allowed Larry to keep possession of the title deeds. Edward visited Greyacre about once a year, but otherwise has allowed the land to become derelict. The land is not even fenced. Three months ago, Larry 'sold' Greyacre to Frank. Frank has become first registered proprietor with absolute title. He has tidied the land up, got planning permission to build a block of apartments, and building work is about to start. Who is the legal owner of Greyacre?

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. Scenario as in previous question. Edward has just paid his annual visit. He applies for rectification of the register. What does the judge decide on the rectification issue?

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. In 2014, Jim bought Blackacre, a property which he thought included Grey Strip. Jim became registered proprietor of Blackacre, including Grey Strip.
Had either Jim or the Land Registry carefully studied the plans of Blackacre, they would have found that Grey Strip was really part of Whiteacre. (The owners of Whiteacre make no use of Grey Strip except for occasional car parking.)
The error is discovered in 2018, and the Register is rectified in January 2019: Grey Strip is registered as part of Whiteacre. Jim seeks indemnity from the Land Registry. What is the result?

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. In January 20010, Fabrizio became first registered proprietor of Eastacre. The registration included Centre Strip. This should not have happened because Centre Strip is really part of Westacre. A previous owner of Westacre had carelessly built a boundary fence in the wrong place, hence the confusion.
In January 2018, Kofi buys Eastacre (which includes Centre Strip). In a conversation between Kofi and the current owners of Westacre in March 2018, they discover the problem over the boundary and Centre Strip.
In March 2019, a Judge rejects an application by Harry for rectification (cf Epps v Esso), and is now considering awarding indemnity to Harry.
What should the judge decide?

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. Mr Justice Smith is hearing the case of 139 Blogtown High Street. The facts of the case are (amazingly) a carbon copy of 139 Deptford High Street, except that Mr Justice Smith makes an express finding that the new owners of no.139 (the defendants to the rectification claim) are not at fault in any way. (For the other facts, see pages 515.) ('The Railway' (the claimants for rectification) will be Network Rail Ltd.) What does Mr Justice Smith decide on the rectification claim?

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