Research Foundations: Theory, Concepts, Measures
  • Hedström, Peter, and Petri Ylikoski. 2010. “Causal Mechanisms in the Social Sciences.” Annual Review of Sociology 36 (August): 49–67.

Critiques the essential contributions of philosophy and the social sciences to the causal mechanism approach.

An online course on causal and statistical reasoning offered by Carnegie Mellon University.

An Open Source project through Tufts University that develops tools for organizing, presenting, and distributing digital information.

  • World Bank Group. 2014. “Worldwide Governance Indicators.”

A project that gathers and presents aggregate and individual governance indicators (e.g., political stability, government effectiveness, rule of law, etc.) for 215 economies over the period 1996–2013.

  • Schaffer, Frederic Charles. Elucidating Social Science Concepts: an Interpretivist Guide New York: Routledge, 2016.

An interpretivist approach to concepts, which differs from the positivist approach but can accompany it to better understand the important role concepts pay in all social science research.

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