Reading and Writing Political Science Research

Compiled by the Translation Bureau, this online text provides guidelines regarding written English in the Canadian context, as well as advice for drafting letters, memos, reports, indexes, and bibliographies.

  • Gerber, Alan, Kevin Arceneaux, Cheryl Boudreau, Conor Dowling, Sunshine Hillygus, Thomas Palfrey, Daniel R. Biggers and David J. Hendry. 2014. “Reporting Guidelines for Experimental Research: A Report from the Experimental Research Section Standards Committee.” Journal of Experimental Political Science 1 (Spring): 81-98.

Examines the content and rationale for the reporting guidelines for experimental research developed by the Standards Committee of the Experimental Research Section of the American Political Science Association.

A bimonthly publication of the International Political Science Association that provides abstracts of political science articles published in journals all over the world.

  • Schmidt, Diane E. 2018. Writing Political Science: A Practical Guide. 5th ed. Boston: Longman.

Provides useful suggestions on how to write different types of political science texts, including research reports.

A good collection of academic writing supports, including support for organizing papers, improving grammar and style, and using sources.

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