Quantitative Analysis: Inferential Statistics and Multivariate Analysis

A data archive of thousands of quantitative (and some qualitative) data sets in the social sciences, some of which are freely available to any researcher, while others are available to users (including students) at member institutions. 

  • Kleinbaum, David G., Lawrence L. Kupper, Azhar Nizam, and Keith E. Muller. 2014. Applied Regression Analysis and Other Multivariable Methods. 5th ed. Boston: Cengage Learning.

Introduces regression analysis methods with concrete examples and applications to everyday problems.

  • Stangroom, Jeremy. 2015. “Chi-square Calculator.” Social Science Statistics.


A free online chi-square calculator.

An online tutorial for survey research, which deals with data collection, analysis, and hypothesis testing. Other resources on the site include an introduction to ANOVA and linear regression.

  • University of Southampton. 2011. “Using Statistical Regression Methods in Education Research.” ReStore National Centre for Research Methods.


Explains statistical regression methods in a simple and visually-appealing manner.

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