Describing the Political World: Quantitative Analysis

A series of surveys on important political and social issues, using comparable instruments and questions. It includes both regional surveys from Latin America, Asia, Africa, Eurasia, and the Middle East, as well as a global version. 

  • Khan Academy. Statistics and Probability.

If you are interested in exploring the mathematical basis behind most statistical analysis, this series of instructional modules will help you develop your statistical skills.

A user-friendly tool for performing statistical computation, including univariate statistics.

This online writing support centre gives guidelines and suggestions for how to integrate reporting statistical findings in a written report.

  • Vogt, W. Paul and R. Burke Johnson. 2011. Dictionary of Statistics and Methodology: A Nontechnical Guide for the Social Sciences. 4th ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Reference guide that includes terms, synonyms, and graphics on statistics and methodology for the social sciences.

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