Small n-Methods: From the Case Study to Comparative Research
  • Crasnow, Sharon. 2012. “The Role of Case Study Research in Political Science: Evidence for Causal Claims.” Philosophy of Science 79 (December): 655–66.

Provides a compelling argument for the assertion that causal claims can be supported by case studies research as opposed to formal research techniques.

  • Flyvbjerg, Bent. "Five Misunderstandings about Case-Study Research." In Clive Seale, Giampietro Gobo, Jaber F. Gubrium, and David Silverman, eds., Qualitative Research Practice: Concise Paperback Edition. London and Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 2007, pp. 390-404.

Addresses a set of misunderstandings of what case study research is “good for.”

  • George, Alexander L., and Andrew Bennett. 2005. Case Studies and Theory Development in the Social Sciences. Cambridge: MIT Press.

An authoritative text on case study analysis written by political scientists; includes various examples and case studies taken from political science research.

  • Lijphart, Arend. (1971). “Comparative Politics and the Comparative Method”. American Political Science Review, 65(3), 682-693. doi:10.2307/1955513

A classic argument by one of the founders of modern comparative politics on the scientific value of comparison as a method.

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