Science and the Study of Politics
  • Chalmers, Alan F. 2013. What Is This Thing Called Science? 4th ed. Indianapolis: Hackett.

A concise and accessible introduction to the fundamental concepts of social scientific thinking and research.

A detailed essay on the philosophical foundations of the scientific method.

A useful repository of online research methods resources in the social sciences.

  • Shapiro, Ian. 2002. “Problems, Methods, and Theories in the Study of Politics, or What’s Wrong with Political Science and What to Do about It.” Political Theory 30(4), 596-619.

Explores some of the challenges of choosing research questions in political science.

  • Yanow, Dvora and Schwartz-Shea, Peregrine. 2012. Interpretive Research Design: Concepts and Processes. New York: Routledge.

A good introduction to alternatives to positivism from within political science.

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