INSTRUCTIONS:  After studying The Associated Press Stylebook, use the proper copy-editing symbols to correct the mechanical, spelling and stylistic errors in the following sentences. None of the possessives have been formed for you.

1. The girl, age nine, said her Father is a democrat and a capt. in the United States Army.

2. The basketball player is a high school Junior, 17 years old, and six ft., three inches tall.

3. By a vote of 387-322, employes at Wilson Brothers Bakery on Crawford St. rejected the Union.

4. The teenager, Tommy Jones Junior of Bowling Green Ohio, said the building will cost $880 thousand.

5. The Pres., First Lady, and several Presidential Aides will visit the school in San Diego, CA., next Spring.

6. Prof. Lara Ruffenach, a member of the department of english, said her office is in room 311 of the Humanities Bldg.

7. Irregardless of the danger, two Seniors from Colonial High School tackled the theif as he ran South on Colonial Dr.

8. He was born on March 1 1974 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania,  attended high school in Mich., then moved to the northwest.

9. A mass for the lady will be offered at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow evening in the Taylor Brothers Funeral Home, 4960 Hiltgen Rd.

10. It was mothers day, and the 8 yr. old girl, Deborah Nunziata of 1410 1st Avenue, said she had four dollars to buy some flowers.

11. On Oct. 31 1990 the eleven executives met at 500 West Robinson Street and voted 9-4 to pay the bill which totals 1128 dollars.

12. The girl, who is in her early 20's, died at 7:00 p.m. yesterday evening after receiving severe burns in a fire at her home at 2106 North Ninth St.

13. On January 3, the American Federal Insurance Company filed for bankruptcy in Hartford Connecticut, listing debts of 12,640,000 dollars.

14. Afterwards, Andrew A. Vornholt Senior of 10 East Lake Rd. said his number one choice for the position of Mayor is a democrat who works as a realtor.

15. Mr. Jeffrey Logas has a Ph.D. in Economics and estimates that, by the late 1990s, sales at the Larco Corporation will exceed 120,000,000 million dollars.

16. Atty. Pat Keegan Junior works for the Federal Govt. and estimates that, in the next ten yrs, 3/4 of the states doctors will be sued for malpractice.

17. The boy, age 19, said he enjoys reading USA Today and time magazine, but also enjoys watching 3 television programs: Heroes, Grey's Anatomy, and 60 Minutes.

18. Karen McGorwan, President of the Kansas Alumni Assn., said the Fall meeting will be held at 5:00 p.m. Monday October 14th in the Clayton Bldg. at 210 Packwood Drive.

19. Experts in the U.S. said the odds were three to one in the republicans favor, yet only 37% of the voters in the south supported her candidacy for the presidency.

20. Prof. Allison DiLorento, an Associate Prof. who teaches Political Science and, 3 years ago, won a Pulitzer Prize, interviewed the first lady at 2 PM yesterday.

21. Irregardless of the controversy, Asst. Dist. Atty. Leo Friedman said the book, entitled Hope, is protected by the 1st amendment to the United States constitution.

22. The temperature fell from 0 to -12, yet 52% of the citys voters turned out and elected the citys 1st Black Mayor, a member of the University Club on Davenport Av.

23. The thirty year old Okla. man said he paid 6000 dollars for the toyota and was driving south at about 45 m.p.h. when the accident occured at the intersection of Packwood and Erie Streets.

24. Executives at Creative Computers Incorporated, the number one company in the field, predict that the United States congress will buy 40000 of the new computers for the United

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