INSTRUCTIONS:  After studying The Associated Press Stylebook, use the proper copy-editing symbols to correct the mechanical, spelling and stylistic errors in the following sentences.  None of the possessives have been formed for you.

1. The girl, Anne Stockdale, age nine, was carrying 2 small boxes, five cents, and a can of mace.

2. At 12 noon yesterday, the Priest gave the 7 year old girl from  Eugene Oregon a bible and five dollars.

3. Forecasters in northern Illinois say the temperature will fall from 0 to -15 by 12 midnight tomorrow evening.

4. The teenager, who lives on Erie Av., is 5', 6" tall, weighs 140 pds., and likes both oreos and french fries.

5. During the 20th century, the Federal Govt. spent 4,840,000 million dollars to protect wildlife in the Calif. park.

6. Seven persons, including Mrs. Richard Miehe, will meet the Realtor at 12 noon at the Sherer Realty Company on King Dr.

7. The child, age seven, was sipping a coke and carrying $0.25 as he walked north on Jamestown Blvd. at 8:20 a.m. yesterday.

8. The girl, age 19, will recieve her B.A. in Journalism from a school in Mass., then wants to join the United States Navy.

9. The Governor, a member of the democratic party, said his son earned a Ph.D. in the department of history during the 1960s.

10. The temperture in the Midwest fell below 0 at 12 midnight, then climbed to the 30s as the wind continued to blow from the north.

11. Leaning backwards, the baby sitter in Reno Nevada said she saves 50 percent of her earnings, or about one hundred dollars a month.

12. Mr. Richard Moore works as a reporter in the southwest and, eleven years ago, won a pulitzer prize for a book entitled Tragedy.

13. At 10:00 AM this morning, the Vice-President of the U.S. will meet with three persons, including Rev. James Haloway of Toledo Ohio.

14. The presidential aide said the odds are five to four that the Porsche driven by Movie Star Paul Newman will exceed two hundred miles an hour.

15. Prof. Mildred Berg, a native of Carbondale Illinois, yesterday criticized both Pres. Lyndon Johnson and the United States constitution.

16. He was a member of the Kansas legislature, then the U.S. Senate, and says it will cost from $7 to $9 million dollars to seek re-election.

17. Senator John Glenn, a democrat from Ohio, estimated last Winter that the Federal program will cost from 10 to 20 Billion Dollars.

18. They arrived at 11:00 pm yesterday and, afterwards, revealed that Mrs. Samuel Swauger of 4987 Huron Dr. won the election by a vote of 18732-14011

19. During the 1970s, the Priest was able to xerox a copy for five cents and said it was alright for other persons in the City to xerox additional copies.

20. The F.B.I. agent, who lives at 410 East Lake Dr. in Fort Worth Texas drove South on Austin Blvd., then stopped at the Targill Corporation on Bell Av.

21. The vice-president and two of his advisers said afterwards that they invited 5 outstanding Black teenagers from Wis. to  visit the U.S. Capital Bldg. next Fall.

22. The President, Pope, and other dignitaries will meet in the oval office of the white house at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, then move to room 312 of the senate office bldg.

23. Reverend Alice Caruna held a bible in one hand and a copy of the U.S. constitution in the other as she spoke to members of the Georgia Alumni Assn. yesterday afternoon.

24. While visiting the President in the Oval Office, Senator Edward Kennedy, a Democrat from Massachusetts, warned that the Social Security system will go bankrupt during the 21st Century.

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